What to write about in your emails

Email newsletter ideas

If you’re stuck with what to write about in your emails to your mailing list, you’re not alone.

If you’ve taken my Mailing List Basics class, you’ve probably started to send some product-specific emails to your list. But sometimes you want a little variety, so I rounded up a bunch of ideas that you can use as topics for your email campaigns.

Don’t forget to think about your audience and what they like to read about, and check your email stats to see which types of emails are opened the most. Knowing what your audience responds well to can help you send them more of the things they enjoy.

Things to write about in your emails

1. Upcoming events
2. Educational topics about your products and industry
3. Interesting blog posts by other people
4. Survey or poll
5. Survey or poll results
6. Frequently asked questions from customers
7. Product demos
8. Company anniversaries or milestones
9. Podcasts that you like
10. Customer testimonials
11. Customer photos of their purchases in use
12. Company recaps/annual reports (# of things sold, best seller of the year, etc)
13. Fan favorites, recent reviews
14. Your social media links
15. Upcoming sales or offers
16. Gift guides of your items or other sellers’ items (do a collaboration with another seller)
17. Behind the scenes photos
18. Your company’s story
19. Awards you’ve won or are entered to win
20. Spotlight of another small business (collaborate with another seller)
21. Small business Saturday details
22. Links to your facebook group
23. Contest or giveaway
24. Contest results
25. Your business press mentions
26. Sneak peeks of upcoming collections
27. Special sales for subscribers only
28. Charity you support
29. Your pinterest board and account
30. Things to watch out for with your category of products (sell the benefits of your items)
31. Website links to your site
32. Random holidays (national ice cream day, national cat day etc)
33. Your most popular Instagram photos
34. Throwback photos
35. Books or movies you recommend
36. Local events you’ll be participating in
37. Season’s greetings
38. Photos of your pets
39. Story of something that happened to you recently
40. The latest trends in your industry
41. Free downloads that are educational about your products (make sure to put links to the products in the download)
42. Process photos of making your items
43. For vintage shops, pictures of you sourcing items at estate sales, etc.
44. Pictures of how you package things
45. Links to videos of products
46. Day in the life photos
47. Ask for customers to review your items
48. The most useful products you have that people aren’t noticing
49. Limited edition offers for subscribers only
50. The story behind a product
51. Do a color theme with similar items
52. Do a topical theme (items that are for the kitchen, etc)
53. Embedded videos that show people your youtube channel
54. Chat with another seller
55. Lists of things—numbered lists are very popular.
56. Talk about trends in things that are related to your items, like fashion if you sell jewelry
57. Thank your customers for being customers!
58. Links to your most recent blog posts
59. Tutorials for simple techniques related to your industry
60. Compare two of your items and explain why they might be good for different customers
61. List of your favorites in whatever category of things you like
62. If you have a texting list, offer that to people so they can sign up for it
63. How to use your items in people’s daily lives (fashion or home décor tips, etc)
64. Upcoming holiday gift ideas (mother’s day, etc)


  1. Lori says:

    This list is amazing, thank you so much, Kara!

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