Etsy Seller Success Stories

Talking with real Etsy sellers


I’m doing a series about selling on Etsy that started out with some tips about how to sell on Etsy, and has now transitioned into a set of conversations with Etsy sellers.

As I’m talking to people, I’m seeing a common thread. It’s interesting, because it’s something that I did too.

And that is…Not selling the same thing that you started out selling.

It’s interesting, because in a recent investor presentation, Josh Silverman, the Etsy CEO, said that the sellers who are successful are the ones who are always innovating. As I’m going through these interviews, I’m seeing that most of the people I’m talking to either started out selling something they no longer sell, or they tweaked what they were selling to fit a different niche.

I did the same thing, I’ve changed my products several times in the 9 years I’ve sold online. I add and eliminate things and introduce new designs based on customer requests and trends. It seems like it’s a common strategy, or maybe just something that people do without really thinking of it as a strategy.

Click here to see the series, and see if you notice any other common threads between sellers: Etsy Seller Success StoriesĀ 

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