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I get a lot of people sending me questions about my Faceboook groups, so I thought I’d write a little explanation of how they work here.

First, if you’ve bought one of my classes, there’s probably a Facebook group for it. The only class that I don’t have a dedicated group for is the pricing guide, and that’s because it’s a guide, not a class. Check on the home pages of all the other classes to find the link for the group that’s associated with that class, or just look below for the classes that you’ve purchased.

If you haven’t bought any of my classes, but you want to get some tips on your Etsy shop or home-based business, you are welcome to join my public home-based business discussion group. There are lots of Etsy sellers in it, so the conversation tends to be Etsy-focused, but it’s for anyone who runs a home-based business and wants to talk to other home-based business owners in a productive way without a lot of whining and conspiracy theories.

Here are the links to join each group:

Public group for home-based business owners

E-Shop Success Course group (paid members only)

Turtle Wins The Race course group (paid members only)

Mailing List Basics group (paid members only)

Pinterest for Product based businesses group (paid members only)

Advertising on Etsy group (paid members only)

For information on all of the classes, go to the homepage here: Turtle Wins The Race classes



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