Facebook Workshop- Self-Paced Version

If you want to take your Facebook game to the next level by developing your business page and create or grow your Facebook group, this workshop is for you.

If you don’t have a group, or you have one that’s kind of a dead snoozefest where nobody interacts, this workshop will help you refine the setup and get some chatter started in the group.

Facebook is a useful tool but people don’t use its features the right way. Learning what you can do on it will make a difference to your business.

This is a facebook workshop that’s located ON facebook.

  • Pace yourself by working at your own speed
  • Get everything set up and linked correctly
  • Create your group and define the focus topic
  • Learn how to get people to join your group
  • Figure out what to post and how to keep your group members engaged
  • Learn how to use Facebook’s features to promote your business and sell from your group
all updates included as they happen (facebook changes a lot!)
One Payment


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Facebook is not associated with this workshop, and is not responsible for the content in it!