Holiday Sale Scheduling for Emails and Promotions

This is a quick synopsis of what you should be doing when you’re running a sale during the holiday shopping season. Pay attention to the number of emails that you should be sending out, becasue if you’re not used to emailing it will feel like a lot.


You have to remind people that a sale is going on, because they will forget and put off shopping for “later.”

If you don’t have an email list set up, you should get one so that you’ll be ready for next year. In the meantime, use your social media to get the word out.

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Schedule of activities for holiday sales–

-You need to start talking about Christmas shopping on November 1st. Design social media posts ahead of time, schedule them so you don’t have to do them one by one. Do daily posts!

-Decide on whether you’re doing sales or discounts, and schedule those out. Do graphics for the sale dates and schedule those.

-Do some lead-up-to-the sale graphics and schedule those. Include sneak peeks (either clear photos or sneak peeks that don’t tell exactly what the items are) and info about the time and dates of the sale.

-Schedule a series of emails leading up to the sale.
• One week before announcing what’s coming, three or four days out with reminders of the dates and a sneak peek, leadups to the sale 1-3 days before.

-Schedule your sale emails.
• Opening day, one per each day of the sale, and two the last day. One in the morning and one a few hours before the sale ends with “last chance don’t miss out” messaging.

-Schedule emails every 3-4 days between Black Friday and your cutoff date for shipping. Emphasize ready-to-ship items.

-Make sure to take a note of the deadlines for shipping for holiday arrival. Consider cutting it off earlier than the deadlines say to avoid delays and complaints.


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