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Ever thought of creating a class to sell as passive income?

Well, forget about that because you’ll always have to do some non-passive work, but if you enjoy teaching, this might be the class for you.

I’ve created written tutorials and video tutorials for years, and last year I decided to add some classes as an extra income source. For me it’s more of a hobby than a full-time job, but it’s a good way to diversify your income and help other people learn about a specific topic.

In this class I go over how to decide what you’ll be teaching, plus the details like where to put the class, how much to charge, where to find students, and how to do different types of launches if you want to do that.

There’s no one right way to do anything, so this class goes over different ways to approach the process of making and selling your class. You’ll also be able to join a private facebook group to ask questions and bounce ideas off of other members.

The class is divided into sections that include videos on topics like:
Deciding what to teach
What format for your class?
Where to teach it, and basic tech.
What to do after deciding where the class will live.
Getting started on the work.
Pricing and selling
Building your customer base
Bonus: Building a class demo calls
Bonus: Workflow walkthrough

One more thing…Whether you know it or not, you’re going to need more help with this process than you think. I’ll be available in the facebook group to answer questions, and if you’re in any of my other groups you know that I don’t disappear from the group once people join. I’ll be around to answer questions about the process.

Keep in mind that there will be other expenses when you decide to start selling classes. I can help you figure out if you need to invest in different technology, or whether you can just use your cell phone and youtube (it’s possible).

How To Design A Class


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