How to Use Google Alerts for Social Media Posts

Who struggles with finding interesting content for social media posts? Everyone!

A simple way to find good content to share with your followers is to set up a Google Alert for specific keywords. You can use alerts to find interesting articles to share on your social media accounts with little to no effort on your part (and that’s why we like them.)

To set up your alerts, go to https://www.google.com/alerts. You’ll need to sign in to your Google account, which will be the account that you use for gmail or youtube.

Think of some general topics that your social media followers would be interested in hearing about, and enter them in the “Create an alert about” section.

To make sure that your alert is just for the exact word order you’re looking for, you should put quotation marks around the phrase.

This is what my alerts look like:


With these alerts set up, Google sends a daily summary of articles to the email address associated with my Google account for each topic if it finds new content for those subjects. I can scan through them to see if there’s anything interesting to share, or if there’s news about something I didn’t know about.

It’s always a good idea to put up an alert for your own name, and for your business name, just to keep an eye on things that are strange like copyright theft. I’ve found some doozies this way, let me tell you…

You’ll also find out about articles that you didn’t even know you were included in, which is good for your website’s press page. I just found an article that I was quoted in by a syndicated columnist I worked with a decade ago, but she reused my quote, so now I have another press credit to put on my website!

These types of topics are especially good for Facebook posts, and you can easily get people engaged by asking them their opinion about the articles.

Google doesn’t give you every result in the internet through the alerts, of course, but you’ll usually get some good articles that you can share with your social media followers. And people will start telling you “You find the best articles!” At which point you can say “why, thank you!” and take credit for Google’s work!


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