New classes and Etsy changes

Plus some Facebook stuff

Well, well, well…Yesterday was interesting. A beta test on Etsy, a Facebook announcement, and a live webinar about releasing collections that’s gone into the E-Shop Success program all kept me pretty busy. (Plus I made it through the middle section of the Trial of the Sword in Breath of the Wild. Just saying.)

Let’s start with the collection piece of it. I asked Sandra Tornroth if she would be willing to give up some of her secrets for the group, and she even delivered some tips about selling online that I didn’t know she did! It’s always good when I’m surprised, and this was a good chat about launching collections, what to worry about, what you don’t need to worry about, and the reality of how one formula doesn’t always work for everyone. If you’re in the E-Shop program and missed the Live, you can catch the video in the Customer Psychology and Shop Factors section of the program

In addition, if you’re interested in learning some Canva Clipart skills, you should sign up for Sandra’s group and check out her classes on her website: Clipart classes

Next, a bunch of sellers started seeing a weird little message on their shop dashboards that said something like “listing photo progress” with a  progress bar set at about 50%. Turns out that Etsy is testing a video feature where you can add a short video to your listings photos! I’m VERY enthusiastic about this, but at this point I’ve only had time to add one video to see what happens. Once you upload the video according to Etsy’s guidelines it will show up in the second photo slot of the listing. There’s no sound to the video, but you can upload them after adding a text overlay to describe what’s in the video. Click here to join the prototype team, it’s the only way that you’ll be able to see this feature at this point: Join the prototype

I’m excited about this because video helps sell listings. People like to be able to see things in real time, and having a video will answer questions and will also probably head off misunderstandings about item size and other qualities.

Last, we had the announcement of Facebook’s “new” shops program, which sounds suspiciously like the shops program that’s already in place. I set up a Facebook shop on my business page a while back, and eventually turned it off, for a few reasons. However, I’ll go ahead and turn it back on with one paltry listing, just so that I can watch to see what’s going on and how it works.

This doesn’t look like an “anyone can open a shop for 20 cents” scenario in the same way that Etsy is. From what I saw, you’ll have to actually have business information to verify that you have a business, so it might not be as big a yard sale as the Facebook marketplace looks like.

On the other hand, nothing on Facebook is free, so you can expect to have some fees associated with that. Plus, you’ll have to follow FACEBOOK’S return and dispute policies, which I seem to remember were pretty customer-centric, so you’ll have to make that call for yourself.

My first impression of this is that it’s just Facebook trying to keep people on Facebook to shop so that they can track their behavior more. And I’m sure they’ll be giving the people who set up a shop the big hard sell for Facebook ads. They tend to send out messages like “Congratulations! You’re doing so well, we’ve assigned an agent to you!” Don’t get too excited, they send that to everyone and they just want you to buy ads. But that’s Facebook’s business model, and that’s the bottom line for most of what they do. Which is fine as long as you remember that.

So what do you think? Will you be setting up a shop on Facebook, or will you wait to see what happens? Leave a comment and let me know, or go join the Facebook group here to discuss further: Home-Based Business and Etsy Tips

I’m going to go on over and turn my Facebook shop back on (grumble, grumble), so if anything else happens that’s worth mentioning I’ll let you know.

Oh, I also forgot to add…I released a Facebook group class, and it’s up on the home page now. I didn’t make a big deal about it, but it’s available. It will help you set up and grow your group, and with the Facebook Shops thing there might be a tie-in there. If there is, I’ll be adding that info to that class.


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