Pinterest for Product-Based Businesses

Who loves Pinterest? Everybody!

Well, maybe not everyone, but I love it because it sends me a bunch of business.

Plus it’s not really SOCIAL networking, it’s a visual search engine, and you don’t have to chat with anyone because of that! Greatest thing for introverts ever!!!

I’ve been pinning for YEARS, first for my locally-based cake business, then for my online business. The strategies for different types of businesses are very different, and a lot of the Pinterest advice out there is aimed at bloggers.

My Pinterest strategy is aimed at getting people to my website to buy my products, so it’s not an information-based business model approach. It’s worked for me, and I get consistent sales from Pinterest traffic on my website as a result of my pinning methods.

I’ll walk you through the process of creating a business account, or switching over to a business account if the one that you’re using now is a personal account. After that, we’ll get into the fun stuff, ways to get people to come to your website or Etsy shop from Pinterest.

Included are over 30 videos in seven sections of topics:

The Basics

Best Practices and board basics

The Settings

Setting basics, claiming your website or Etsy shop, and getting your profile set up the right way.

The Boards

Creating, managing, and filling up your boards the right way.

The SEO part

Keywords, where to find them, and where to put them.

Miscellaneous info

Bait pins, Canva, draft boards and more.


Using Tailwind, Buffer, and Pinterest to schedule pins ahead of time.

Additional tips

Resources, links to the class facebook group, where to find pins, and how often to pin.

This class is not for you if you already have a busy Pinterest account that brings you a lot of traffic. If that’s the case, good for you, go take a nap!


  • If you have a personal Pinterest account that you’ve been using for your business
  • If you never pin anything because you don’t know what you should be pinning
  • If you have tons of group boards but no Pinterest traffic
  • If you spend too much time making pins because you think you need to do them a certain way or they won’t be seen
  • If Pinterest confuses you

…then this class can help you get it all straightened out.


Kara, I just wanted to say that I loved this course, and what a great price for it. I watched another Pinterest course earlier this year and I just couldn’t get into their process. Your lessons are clearly explained and make sense and I finally understand what to do with this platform, and I’m excited to dive in. Thank you!   -Lori


Pinterest class


One-time payment
  • Immediate access to the class
  • Lifetime access to all updates
  • Bonus admission to the private facebook group for class members
Let's start pinning!