Advertising on Etsy

This class is being updated on a regular basis as new information about the Etsy Ads platform rolls out.

Are you an Etsy seller who wants to try using ads? OR are you so confused by what you can and can’t do with the new ads system you’re ready to give up on ads entirely?

Get the guide to advertising on etsy, from setup to strategy, and learn how to Get the most out of your campaign.

This mini-course includes videos on the Etsy ads platform, other types of advertising you can use, and additional strategies that you can use to analyze and adjust your campaigns.

  • A video walkthrough of the Etsy Ads setup
  • Additional videos detailing¬† different strategies and how to analyze the results for each.
  • A look at additional ad options, including Facebook and Pinterest.


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This class is being updated regularly for the new Etsy Ads platform. Keep up to date on changes and strategies by signing up!

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