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I’m Kara Buntin, a business owner who’s had both a locally-based custom wedding cake business that started in 1999, and an online business since 2011. I have an MA in psychology and I know how to cut through the fluff to get right to what matters. I’m a top seller on Etsy and I also have a standalone website and an active youtube channel where I post videos about Etsy tips and cake decorating demos. I’ve been blogging about home-based business and teaching local and online workshops since 2009. I’m committed to helping other small business owners improve their sales through better understanding of marketing, and by helping them to define their own success. 

“Kara is hands-down the best coach I’ve learned from. She is so generous with her time and knowledge! She delivers information in a no- nonsense way that is both easy to understand and easy to follow step by step. I love and appreciate that when any new changes happen in the e-commerce world, Kara is there immediately testing and learning them so she can pass the tips and tricks to us to navigate it like a pro!”   -Megan Allyce Howard 


“I’m a veteran high school teacher with an Ed.M. When I started watching Kara’s ESuccess course videos explaining SEO and how search engines work, my first thought was that she had missed her calling as a teacher. Then I kept watching and realized that she hadn’t missed it, she had found it. I think of her as an Etsy educator.”   -Laura Edwardsen 


“I’ve experienced different types of business coaching/courses and what sets Kara apart is her knowledge, research and no nonsense approach. She is down to earth and doesn’t give a lot of fluff which I appreciate. The information is always clear, on point and she’s quick to provide updated information when things change. Just as important to me, she is actively using the advice, techniques and tools she references so it isn’t speculation or based on outdated data. The fact that she practices what she preaches is huge.”   -Sia Yambasu 


“Ich kann Karas Lehrmethoden uneingeschränkt empfehlen! Man hat wirklich das Gefühl, dass sie helfen möchte. Ihr vermitteltes Wissen basiert ausschließlich auf erhobenen Daten, was mir Sicherheit gibt. Sie gibt weder leere Erfolgsversprechen noch versucht sie, andauernd etwas zu verkaufen.
Wer darauf hofft, ohne viel Arbeit plötzlich reich zu werden, ist auch hier falsch. Bei Kara geht es um Fakten, Daten und Schlussfolgerungen für das Onlinebusiness. Wer wirklich bereit ist, Karas Methoden und Ratschläge, die sie unverblümt und sehr strukturiert gibt, umzusetzen, sollte Schritt für Schritt mit seinem Shop vorankommen. Mir hilft es sehr, auch wenn der Weg ein weiter ist!”   -Claudia Fünf


“Kara’s method is simple and easy to follow. She’s a treat to listen to, not bubbly and annoying like so many others. Hahahaha!”    -Kelly Harris  


“A lovely and generous person, an excellent teacher, always available to jump in if we cry for help or in need of immediate explanation. Very articulate and easy to listen, actually fun to listen with her ‘occasional’ anecdotes. She has too much knowledge in all kind of areas related to this Etsy business of ours and beyond, still always inquisitive and continuously searching for new ways to help us achieve our goals, sometimes I wonder how does she manage to be that supportive and everything we need her to be while running her own business and caring for her family too.”    -Goga Lal


“I especially appreciate that Kara gives me exactly the advice and information I need, without a lot of “fluff” or “filler”. She is great at breaking things down into manageable parts, and explaining them in a simple way that makes sense. I’ve come away with a much clearer understanding of what I need to do to get the results I want in my shop, and I’m happy to know that if things change, as they always do, I can count on Kara to explain the changes, and make clear simple recommendations.”    –Laura Linz 


“Because of Kara’s expertise in everything Etsy, other coaches often interviewed her, that’s when I became familiar with her When I saw she was offering her own courses I was thrilled, because I love her sense of humor and teaching style. She loves to share her knowledge and see other Etsy sellers succeed, that’s her main goal. Her teaching style is dry, witty, to the point and always makes me chuckle with her one-liners. Another plus; she is always available and active in all the Facebook groups. When I get the notifications that she is live on YouTube (which is often), I can hardly wait to hear what news she has to share. I am in all her courses simply because they work. To quote my favorite mentor, ‘So, there you go.’ ”    -Sue Aughtigan Prazma 
“Kara provides great, up to the minute insight and advice. She has a sharp wit, vast knowledge and present topics in a very understandable way. I always look forward to her videos.”   -Allison Armstrong 
“WoW is the word I use to describe Kara and her teaching knowledge humor considerate very much to the point and the best part is when she said ‘Here’s the Thing’ you know you need to write it down.”   -Michelle Berger May 


“Kara Buntin employs a teaching style that is easy to follow, includes up to date information and is affordable and enjoyable. With Etsy SEO, I can keep my shop current, by simply, logging into Kara’s SEO training and getting her latest updates. She does all the research, from Etsy and other sources, for us. I’ve been with Kara for over a year and my Etsy sales are 2.5 times more in 2019 than they were at this time in 2018, mostly due to following Kara’s training. When I get busy I can go in and easily get caught up, as the training is always available. I recently purchased 2 other trainings from Kara Buntin, A Cake to Remember, for Pinterest and another for mailing lists. I was shocked at how affordable these two additional trainings were. I’m amazed at how quickly I’m seeing results and how easy those results are to accomplish when following Kara’s step by step instructions.”  -Julie Jansen 


“I consider Kara my mentor not just a coach. All of her classes are easy to follow and are full of pertinent information – no frills always straight to the point. She is extremely generous with her time and advice in her FB groups. E-shop Success will give you all the tools to make your Etsy shop a success!”  -Birgit Tolman


Kara’s response: Thanks (and danke) everyone. And Kelly, I couldn’t maintain a bubbly attitude for more than about three minutes even if I wanted to.







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