Video Basics Class

Are you afraid of video???

well stop, because video is so easy you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

Who should be using video for their business? Everyone! And with the ease of use that we have these days, there’s really no excuse for not using it.

  • It’s more personal
  • It gives customers a better understanding of your products
  • It makes people more familiar with you, which makes them more comfortable buying from you
  • It’s the easiest way to communicate directly with your customers
  • It’s available on most social media platforms
  • It’s the fastest way to establish you as an authority in your industry
This class is for people who are afraid of using video for whatever reason, but especially the technophobes and introverts in the crowd!

By keeping it simple, you can avoid having to deal with a lot of editing and fancy schmancy camerawork. Don’t be afraid, you may never have to open an editing program at all!


Modules include:

Course intro

Why you should use video for your business.

What to post and where to post it

In this section I go over the basics of what to post and where to post the videos that you make. I include a list of video topic ideas that product-based businesses can use to come up with topic ideas.

Basic video tips

A look at the basics of what you should be watching out for as far as video quality goes.

Equipment, editing, and software

The basics of what equipment you can use and some suggested software if you do want to edit your videos. There’s no reason to go crazy and buy thousands of dollars worth of gear…Wait until you see the ipad stand I used to use.

Structure of a video

I go over the parts of a live and prerecorded video, plus give you some templates for cover photos.

Video on Facebook

How to use video on facebook, including all the features they have for us to use right now.


Being revised as I write this…

YouTube is the Big Daddy of them all…It’s the second most-used search engine after Google, and Google owns it. 

For product-based businesses, YouTube is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website or Etsy shop. This section goes over best practices and includes information about monetization.


A basic look at where you can use video on Instagram and how to use it to drive traffic to your website.

This class is for you if you’re a video novice, or if you have a basic understanding of how to make videos but you’re terrified to use it.

If you’re a pro youtuber and you already have your own studio in your basement, this is not the class for you. Go make some videos instead of hanging out here.

You’ll also get access to the private facebook group for members, where we talk about video and test things out.


Video Basics


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